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Boyko Racing Services

Complete Machine Shop Services...All OEM's!
Road Bikes, Dirt Bikes, ATV's, and Personal Watercraft!

Ported Cylinders

Ported Cylinders

Cylinder Boring


Head Mod

Head Mods

Banshee Kit

Banshee Kit

Ported Cylinder

Four Stroke Porting

Blueprinted Case Porting

Blueprinted Cases

Engine Valves

Lightened & Polished Valves



Engine Rebuild

Complete Engine Rebuilds

Motorcross Crankshaft Rebuild

Crankshaft Rebuilds

Vintage Modifications

Vintage Mods

Motorcycle Wheel Lacing

Wheel Lacing

First Class Performance!
We Hop it Up, Port it Up, Bore it Up, Head it Up and Yes, Speed it Up!

  • Repairs and Parts Replacement
    From repairing a wheel puncture to a detailed engine repair, We are specializing in all European, Japanese and American bikes. We repair EVERYTHING!
  • Tune-ups and Maintenance
    Stop by for regular tune-ups to ensure a slick and safe ride. We offer competitive flat rates for tune-ups and maintenance.
  • Estimates and Appraisals
    Bring your bike to us for a FREE estimate. Shop around, and come back to us for the best rate and service out there :-)
  • Add-ons and Custom Work
    Ready to get the best out of your bike? We are! Let's discuss how to up your scooter's horses and conquer that track.
  • Motorcycle Cleaning Services
    Washing, Waxing and Detailing. Cleaning a motorcycle is a dirty job, so why not give yourself a break and treat yourself to our excellent washing, waxing and detailing services? We will make your bike shine and sparkle like new so you can turn a few heads while you are out on the road.

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